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Probate Law

At Shew & Dixon Law Office, we understand that when you are facing the probate process, it is usually not for a happy reason. We know that you may be going through an emotional time, which is why we provide personalized services and legal expertise you can count on. Located in Middletown, OH, we work with clients throughout the surrounding areas with all aspects of probate.

Helping You Navigate All Areas of Probate


If your loved one is struggling, we can work with their doctors and medical providers to help you become legal guardian. As your loved one’s guardian, you can ensure they are receiving the proper care, providing them with a higher quality of life and you with peace of mind.

Wills/Powers of Attorney

It’s never too early to begin creating a will, in which you lay out your wishes as to whom you would like your assets distributed after your passing. We help our clients create the documentation that will ensure their wishes will be fulfilled. We also create living wills, in which a client documents their wishes in terms of health care, in the case that they are ever physically or mentally unable to express those wishes in the future.

Our attorneys can also help you with the documentation in determining a Power of Attorney, or a person who has the legal right to make decisions, especially healthcare decisions, on your behalf in the case that you are ever unable to.


Adopting a child is extremely exciting, but with all of the rules and regulations involved, it can also be overwhelming to navigate. Whether you are adopting nationally or internationally, our attorneys can help you handle all of the documentation and provide guidance and support throughout the process. We work with both open and closed adoptions.


Unlike a will, a trust does not need to go through probate in order to go into effect. Creating a trust is ideal for clients who have larger amounts of property and assets. Or, you can create a child-rearing trust, which will lay out instructions for the care of any minor children in the event of your passing. We help clients navigate the entire process of creating a trust.


The loss of a loved one is very emotionally strenuous. Our attorneys understand this and offer compassionate guidance throughout the process of settling your loved one’s estate. We will prepare any legal paperwork and work with you to ensure property is distributed as laid out in the will or trust and that all of your loved one’s debts are addressed.

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